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1分钟极速赛车官网开奖结果-168极速赛车开奖现场直播结果+开奖结果 How the Texas Trial Changed the Story of Abortion Rights in America

Stark, plaintive testimony from women denied abortion care represents the start of “the 50-year fight to get rid of Dobbs,” one historian says.

As Many American Cities Get Hotter, Health Systems Face Off Against Heatstroke

With millions of Americans suffering under relentless heat waves this summer, more people are seeking medical attention for heat-related illnesses. As temperatures get more extreme, hospitals, fire departments, and ambulance crews are preparing to treat more patients for heat exhaustion and heatstroke.

The NIH Ices a Research Project. Is It Self-Censorship?

The National Institutes of Health appeared to be digging into health misinformation. But then the federal agency stepped back. It can’t quite explain why, sometimes even offering contradictory explanations.

Teens With Addiction Are Often Left to Detox Without Medication

Facilities that offer medically managed substance use treatment for patients under 18 are few and far between in the United States. A Denver hospital is trying to help fill the gap.

KFF Health News On Air

Journalists Zero In on Opioid Settlement Cash, Congress, and the Medicaid Unwinding

KFF Health News and California Healthline staff made the rounds on national and local media this week to discuss their stories. Here’s a collection of their appearances.

Payback: Tracking the Opioid Settlement Cash

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KFF Health News' 'What the Health?': Another Try for Mental Health ‘Parity’

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