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Haunted for 13 Years by Debt From Childbirth, Then Rescued by a Nonprofit

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Terri Logan, 42, Spartanburg, South Carolina Approximate Medical Debt: $1,400, now $0 Medical Issue: Premature childbirth What Happened: Two months ahead of her due date with her second daughter, Terri Logan felt weighed down by stress. She was a high school math teacher in Union City, Georgia, and was ending her relationship with the baby’s […]

Healthcare.gov Problems Snarling Enrollment; State Exchanges Doing Better

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This story comes from our partner ‘s Shots blog. The Obama administration’s hopes ran high that millions would flock to enroll for health insurance on state and federal exchanges established under the Affordable Care Act. Those exchanges went online Oct 1. The administration projected that half a million individuals or families would enroll within 30 […]